How an ambassador portrays or represents his country in another country largely speaks volumes about his homeland. He either emphasizes or enforces preconceived notions about his country or changes a wrong or bad impression; the same way employees of an organization are ambassadors of a company and how they represent the brand largely says a lot about your organization.
Brands and organizations work to be globally recognized boasting of a world-class standard, but you can’t achieve that height if your employees thinking are not at par. You can set goals and give motivational speeches all you want but it ultimately boils down to how you treat them.
In an organization where an employee feels devalued and unappreciated, he will not give his best efforts or put his heart into it. A biblical injunction says;
“Where your treasure is, that is where your heart will be…”
You will only get the hearts of your employees if they know how valued and appreciated they are to you. Employees know they are valued and appreciated when it is obvious not only when they get salary increments and bonuses, but when their personal well being is taken into consideration also. An employee who is valued is self-motivated and needs little or no push to carry out his tasks and responsibilities because he sees the growth of the organization as his also.
Such an individual is quick to sing the praises of his company wherever he finds himself; for instance, whether he is at training or marketing your products to potential clients, he will extol the exploits of his organization and dish out cards to all and sundry.
Now, this is where we come in; they say first impression matters and your card is the first thing some clients will come in contact with that could convince them to do business with you because of the quality.
Your well-valued employee should not be singing your high praises only to bring out his business card to give a prospective client and it says nothing about him and his organization. Nothing because there are words printed on it but because it is bland and boring. The hype should match the look and we can give you cards that would do just that and much more because we have that creative “knock your socks off” factor.
We can even take it up a notch by giving you other unique features like a barcode that can be scanned with a mobile phone which will take them directly to your social media or website where they can view your products and services.
Our ID cards which can also double as access cards are very unique and mind blowing. Imagine your staff proudly wearing an ID card that sparks interest leading to a conversation that could potentially close a mega deal. It is not a long shot, it can happen.
We have a variety of ID cards, cardholders, and lanyards that are second to none and can be customized to suit the style of your organization. We know you value your employees, let us help you reiterate and imprint this fact in their minds, then watch them take your organization to heights beyond your wildest imaginations.


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