In creating content, sometimes we create or put a system in place that works for us, infusing our words and creativity in a blend that fits just how we want it. This way usually works but in time, you realize that you might not be getting the results or feedback you desire. That is the reason the way and manner that you write content is just as important as what you write. 

Creating content can feel tedious and incredibly difficult. You can spend days and weeks oscillating between a positive approach and hours of feeling blank. What you need is the right motivation to help you tap into making impactful content – Empathy!!!

Empathy means understanding a person’s feelings and thoughts from their point of view such that it is reflected in the way you relate with them; it is basically about putting yourself in their shoes.  This gives you the ability to understand how another person may be thinking or feeling and helps you in communicating so that you are able to convey information in a way that resonates with the other person.  

Emphatic content should not be pretentious, because it can come off as ingenuine. It is not that you must have the same experiences or circumstances that your reader does, instead, understand their perspective.

Creating content may be incredibly hard when there is just so much going on in your mind and in your readers’ minds too, but rather than shy away from all the emotional challenges, embrace it to transform your work and get more joy out of the content creation process.

People are always looking for information. You need to master empathy as a skill in strategic content creation for your business so that it not only addresses a problem or issue but also hits a deeper note by accessing the perspectives and emotions involved.  

Do you want your readers to take action? Try to understand them.

Do you want to incite action with your content? Maybe you want your audience to do more than just read your blog or post and move on, then you must seek to understand where they are coming from first. Whether you’re creating a blog post, a video, or social media post, try to picture your potential client who will be reading or watching what you are sharing, and speak directly to them. 

Essentially, make your audience real this will help your content become more productive because if your audience feels understood, they are more likely to apply what they read.

Get Personal

Personal stories have a way of showcasing your work in a different light, and you don’t need to look too far to find examples. There is more than enough inspiration in your everyday life, memories from childhood, past events or experiences, relationships, your favorite quote or passage from a book that can help you with this. You can weave these into your narrative in a way that will connect with your audience and compels them to engage. Ultimately, recognize your audience, and you’ll know what to share.

Think less promotional and more communal.

How can you leave a great and positive impression with your audience?

By simply giving them something actionable.  You can do this either by helping them achieve a goal, or leaving them with something worth retelling to another person. Look beyond what you’re trying to the bigger picture. Show them how they can pick the best product for their needs and how can they use your advice to live their best life.

Summarily, really good content makes us feel something. It should leave a feeling that sticks with us long after the words have escaped our minds. That’s the kind of impression you want to leave in your readers’ minds, but not without getting to know their perspective.

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