Branding and strategy are not wholly about how your brand, product, or services is perceived but also how your employees view the organization they work for. Are they proud to be recognized with your brand out there when they are in the market place? This angle has been overlooked and under-emphasized by brands and it is affecting their brand and productivity more than they can imagine.

When an employee sees himself as part of a brand, he is committed to the success story of that brand and is proud to be represented with the brand everywhere he goes. For example, he would readily wear his ID card anywhere and would be quick to offer his business card to potential clients he might be wooing to do business with his organization, ensuring profit and increasing the sphere of influence of the brand.

An employee will be motivated to give his best to an organization when he is sure that they are giving him their best and also have his interest at heart. He will be more than willing to go the extra mile in carrying out his duties and responsibilities and would be self-motivated and energized for whatever task he carries out.

As individuals, we love to be valued and celebrated, now when an organization shows that they value their employees as individuals first then as employees, what they would have is an employee is ready to go to any length for the company because he is invested and committed to the growth and success of the company, he sees it in a such a light that the company’s growth and success is his as well.

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