Book Writing

Do you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck when you want to write a book? You are wondering how to start or maybe you started but cannot complete it. It could even be that you do not have the time or resources but have a burning desire to share your wisdom or story with the world.

Writing may not be your forte and that’s where we come in. We would take your idea or concept from scratch and bring it to life.

Why you should work with us

We are a team of highly skilled writers that can transform your idea, ideal, concept, story, expertise or insights into the book that you want to share with the world.

Transform your idea, ideal,

concept, story, expertise or 

insights into the book

There is no better time to share your story or idea than now, time keeps running by quickly. At ContentGen, we will not only be doing the major work for you but we will also be giving you support as you go on to publish your book. We made the entire process easy, making you an author in a short time and little or no stress

What we can help you achieve

Personal or corporate branding | SEO optimization | Web & UI Design | Standing out in the crowd

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  • We listen and understand your idea
  • Timely project delivery
  • Track your book progress per chapter
  • Full copyright transfer and protection
  • Customized experience tailored for you
  • E-books, and mini-books
  • Workbook and journals
  • Textbooks and novels